Friday, December 13, 2013

Author of the Week: Marian Tee

The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire
Series: Book 1, Greek Billionaire Romance

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary girl who grew up listening to bedtime stories where there were no knights in shining armor or Prince Charming. Instead, it had Greek billionaires and this little girl dreamt she'd one day have Her Own Greek Billionaire to live happily ever after with. 
When this little girl grew up, she did what she could to make her dream come true.
This is my story.
I mean your story.
I mean, Mairi Tanner's story.

The Greek Billionaire Romance consists of 5 SERIALIZED ebooks and must be read in order.
Book 1: The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire BUY HERE!
Book 2: The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire BUY HERE!
Book 3: The Art of Loving a Greek Billionaire (December)
Book 4: The Art of Forgiving a Greek Billionaire (January)
Book 5: The Art of Wedding a Greek Billionaire (February)

Ms Tee Back At Her Best December 12, 2013
By Jenny (Amazon review)
This is an author I adore and her novels always have me either sobbing or laughing, at times both! This start to a series was no exception!

Mairi is a girl who grew up knowing what she wants! What she wants is the HAE, the fact that she wants that with a Greek man, who needs to be a billionaire to boot, is all down to Harlequin romances that she was read as a young girl! I think we can all relate although my wish was always a handsome Sheikh or a hunky Italian! In walks two men who both fit the bill! The dreamy Damen Leventis and Ioniko Vlahos. So long as Mairi follows her lessons, which are the headers for the chapters complete with fantastic editor notes, what can go wrong! Answer, a lot in a small space of time! After the ending of this I cannot wait for book 2, The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire which I also out!

Another fantastic book by Ms Tee.

Please note I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review

“Tell me more about yourself.” Mairi waited for Damen to speak, but when the silence continued she said hesitantly, “Damen?”
He cleared his throat. Had he fucking heard her correctly? Did she really say something as impossibly juvenile as that? What kind of game was she playing, wanting him to act like an inexperienced boy on his first phone call with a girl?
Why wasn’t he speaking? Perhaps he was too busy and was just too nice enough to tell her the truth? Wincing at the realization that could very well be true, Mairi mumbled quickly, “I’m sorry. You must be really busy and tired---”
“No, of course not.” Damen was just as swift in his negation, lowering himself back on the couch positioned next to the hotel suite’s scenic windows. She was probably fucking playing with him, making him think that if he did not humor her now she would immediately move on to her other Greek boyfriend.
No fucking way would he let that happen. Mairi Tanner was his until he tired of her.
“Are you sure?”
“Of course.” He reached for the shot glass he had recently filled and downed it in one gulp. “What do you want to talk about?”
“Well…I just really want to know more about you.”
Know more about him in what way, Damen wondered cynically. Know more in the sense that she wanted the password to his safe? Exact figures of his current net worth? How many homes he owned?
“Ask me anything and I will do my best to answer you.”
Her eyes widened. “Anything?”
“Then…what’s your favorite color?”
Damen stared at the phone. Did she just fucking ask him what his favorite color was?
“Damen? Are you there?”
Fuck, fuck, fuck. He wanted to laugh out loud but managed to rein in his amusement. He had no fucking idea what game Mairi Tanner was playing, but right now it didn’t matter. All Damen knew was that she kept surprising him, and her unpredictable ways just made him want her more and more.

About the Author
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Marian Tee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy romantic comedies. She is Filipino-Chinese, has lived all her life in the Philippines, and is a frustrated mangaka. She is addicted to horror flicks, misses hip hop dancing, and loves all things Japanese.
 Meant to Be Yours (Sequel to Warning: Love Moderately) on January 2014.

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